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Iphone/Android Repair Services

Affordable iPhone and Android Phone Damage & Repair Services

Facing a problem with your iPhone or Android smartphone? We have got a solution for you. We provide all kinds of iPhone & Android smartphone related hardware and software solutions. Some of the common hardware and software issues we deal everyday are:-

  • Phone shuts down on its own,
  • Awful battery life.
  • Slow processing
  • GPS not working
  • Screen freezes
  • Can’t send or receive imessages and texts
  • Unable to update to latest IOS Update
  • Red screen
  • Enlarged image or icons filling the screen
  • Can’t hear anything during calls
  • Charging issue
  • No Sim card’ error
  • cracked screen
  • Touch ID not working
  • Bluetooth not working
  • Unresponsive touch screen

Mobile Care Institute deals in all types of iPhone and Android smartphone repairing services in Delhi. Give us a call on our number and share the exact problem. We will give an estimate cost of repairing and then you can visit our store for more.


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