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Basic Mobile Course


Mobile Care Institute offers the best basic mobile repairing training course. Enrol yourself now and become a qualified mobile technician. Our basic mobile repairing course is divided into four segments and includes:-

Chip Level Basic Electronics
  • Introduction to basic electronics
  • Mobile components identification & knowledge
  • Mobile phone components working
  • Uses of multimeter
  • Mobile components testing & checking
  • Practical testing of components by multimeter
  • Basic Mobile Phone Technology & Coding
  • Introduction to mobile phone technology
  • Type of mobile phone technology
  • Working principle of mobile phone
  • Features of mobile phone (bluetooth, G.P.R.S, Infrared etc.)
  • Removing software problem through coding
  • Unlocking codes of G.S.M mobile
  • Unlocking codes of C.D.M.A mobile
  • Multimedia set formatting codes (for eliminating virus issues)
  • Chinese mobile phone codes
  • Chip Level Practical Training (100%)
  • Proper use of micro-iron, S.M.D; rework machine, hot air gun etc.
  • Soldering and desoldering practice
  • Chipset component removing and replacing practice
  • Jumper practice (Antina switch jumper, track breakage jumper, display cont. jumper etc.)
  • Driver I.C Jumper practice (Sim I.C. jumper, keypad I.C. Jumper, display I.C. jumper etc.)
  • Display changing practice (Patta display)
  • Ribbon & Patta changing practice
  • B.G.A I.C Removing practice
  • B.G.A I.C Reballing practice
  • B.G.A I.C replacing practice
  • Driver I.C. changing practice
  • Pasted B.G.A I.C removing practice
  • Jack changing practice (Sim jack, Charging jack, hand-free jack, battery connector).
  • Bluetooth module changing practice
  • Flap & sliding phone assembling practice Note:- Students will receive 100% practical Chinese phone repairing training. Tracing/ Fault Finding
  • Mobile phone physical testing
  • Fault finding in mobile phones
  • Track readings on mobile board (practically checking using Multimeter)
  • Tracking with the components
  • Cool testing of mobile phones
  • Heat testing in mobile phones
  • Tracing by comparing with other phones.
Note:- Our basic course also includes practical mobile repairing training courses.

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